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Currently Freelance Interactive Developer in PARIS.
I previously worked for 6 years at Grouek
for some of the most ranked communication agencies and brands.
Before that I studied development at Gobelins.
I'm now specializing in online experiences and instalations
with different kind of technologies such as interactive video, real time 3D, ...
Of course I like to craft anything with a good design.

Some projects I worked on

  • Living in 2030

    Cher Ami - Schneider

    Living in 2030

  • VR Odyssey

    Stink - Hennessy

    VR Odyssey

  • Portfolio

    Coralie Castot


  • Sortie en mer

    Grouek - Guy Cotten

    Sortie en mer

  • 2016 greetings card (Mobile)

    Cher Ami - Neuflize OBC

    2016 greetings card (Mobile)

  • My Ultra Score (Mobile)

    Stink - Chassol

    My Ultra Score (Mobile)

  • Traquer Batman

    Grouek - Warner

    Traquer Batman

  • Les oeufs caches 2

    Grouek - Milka

    Les oeufs caches 2

  • Plus de bonheur

    Grouek - Canal+

    Plus de bonheur

  • Les inimitables

    Grouek - Optic 2000

    Les inimitables

  • 5ème coach

    Grouek - The voice

    5ème coach

  • Fragrances

    Grouek - Jil Sander


  • G Shock

    Grouek - Maison Martin Margiela

    G Shock

  • Je veux les lunettes de Karl

    Grouek - Optic 2000

    Je veux les lunettes de Karl

  • Les oeufs caches

    Grouek - Milka

    Les oeufs caches

  • Le maître des 4 éléments

    Grouek - Center Parcs

    Le maître des 4 éléments

  • My people's choice

    Grouek - Optic 2000

    My people's choice

  • Anarchy run

    Grouek - Axe

    Anarchy run

  • CTRL Paper


    CTRL Paper

  • Ultimate lap

    Grouek - Tag Heuer

    Ultimate lap

  • Djeco Magic

    Grouek - Djeco

    Djeco Magic

  • Break ultime

    Grouek - Kit Kat

    Break ultime

  • Let's baby dance

    Grouek - Evian

    Let's baby dance

  • Je prefere papa

    Grouek - Volkswagen

    Je prefere papa

  • Tipp Experience

    Grouek - Tippex

    Tipp Experience

  • La Gaite Lyrique

    Grouek - La Gaite Lyrique

    La Gaite Lyrique

  • Djeco

    Grouek - Djeco